Priced at $750.00 per participant, the four month Top Line Talent on-line program consists of an audio book, videos, interactive journal, and personalized eBook. Participants also have access to resource materials, periodic webinars, blogs, a forum, and news events.
Larger clients sometimes request a custom-designed coaching and training experience that maps to their unique culture, goals, and processes.
We offer three tailored solutions, priced upon request.
  1. As participants progress through the course, we hold periodic telephonic meetings. These team calls are designed to customize the TLT program. Actual examples and common scenarios are examined in a "case study" interactive format.

  2. Key Note Opening: Dr. George Watts or certified presenter kicks off your TLT program with a 45-minute inspiring presentation. The speech uses a fun, interactive component that deepens culture and illuminates the coaching course key points. The kick off is presented live or via satellite.

  3. Leading or facilitating one to two day retreats for marketing and sales leaders - we recommend this be undertaken prior to the launch of the TLT program. The retreat is designed to energize and motivate people through the deepening of trust, communication, and strategic collaboration. We jointly plan your retreat agenda. Participants learn to improve their coaching skills using the TLT system.