What are People Saying?

We evaluated 3 highly regarded sales training companies to find the best fit for our staffing and recruiting business. Our decision to go with Top Line Talent was based on four key differentiators from the other two service providers:

  1. Focus on creating emotional resonance with clients to win them over.
  2. Understanding the significant role self awareness plays in gaining a client’s trust and business.
  3. Modality - the multi-media approach of using video, journaling through the online workbook and use of the audio material.
  4. Delivery - engaging in the course curriculum over a four month period.

Our decision to go with TLT has turned out to be a very good one. I have seen first hand how our business development team has become more memorable in the eyes of their clients and are making more sales. The retention of the course material is much higher then any previous sales training program I've been a part of. I chalk that up to the intentional delivery of the material over time.

Jeff Mariola: President, Brilliant
As an entrepreneur, inventor, and policy maker I know that effective selling is critical at all levels. When I learned about Top Line Talent's (TLT) innovative online sales training program designed and developed by my friend Dr. George Watts, who has substantial background and experience in psychology, I immediately thought about applications in India to train salespeople for globally competitive markets to improve sales and fuel growth. TLT's training program is designed to focus on various important sales elements that result in ultimately closing the deal. It essentially trains salespeople to build strategic partnerships and long-term relationships with customers to deliver performance.

Sam Pitroda: Global business leader, telecom inventor, development thinker, and policy maker
Top Line Talent, in my professional opinion as both an executive search professional and behavioral psychologist, is the most robust, immediately effective consultative selling skills training in the market today. Dr. George Watts is a true subject matter expert. And the learning principles and patterns taught are universal and global. I have recommended TLT to every one of my CEO clients as the best coaching and instruction for all outwardly facing, revenue generating people. TLT increases productivity, improves morale and reduces turnover.

Dr. Russ Riendeau: EVP, Jobplex
Top Line Talent has fundamentally changed the game in the world of consultative selling skills training. They have leveraged the latest scientific findings in neuroscience combined with the state-of-the-art utilization of technology to deliver a high impact, low cost, long term solutions to corporations. The results are amazing; people develop meaningful skills practicing on current customers and prospects. No other program is based on science or delivers results like TLT. The business model is like no other experience. I recommend putting your entire sales force through Top Line Talent and you will see measurable results.

Cliff Mountain: Former Dell GM and VP/Current CEO of Open Labs
As a former top producer and now a senior sales leader, I can say that Top Line Talent stands alone. No other sales training program utilizes the power of self-awareness and leveraging your natural strengths. TLT also teaches an amazingly simple, yet super effective way of resonating with people. TLT graduates know how to add strategic value to every deal! I will send every one of our salespeople through Top Line Talent... it works!

Diana Smith, Division Director
Top Line Talent is hands down one of the best sales training programs I have ever been through. This program sets the bar as the superior sales methodology! I was skeptical at first because it was self-paced, online and over the course of 3-4 months versus actually going through a face to face course. However, after going through the program, I highly recommend this based on the scientific and retention aspects alone. This program clearly outlines how personality type fits into the overall consultative sales process and why this is so imperative for an effective sales organization. The psychological aspect of this program alone is something that is clearly lacking in other sales training programs. Dr. Watts is brilliant and anyone who has anything to do with sales is missing out by not working with him!

Michelle Oldham, Managing Director, Business Development and Strategy