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Ignite Your Whole Brain to Advance Your Career!

March 17, 2016
George Watts, Laurie Blazek

If you believe people are born either with or without creativity – you have it or you don’t – you’d be wrong. You easily have the power to magnify your thinking and become more creative. This article is written for you to have an a-ha moment that transforms your career.

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The Mindset of Innovation

March 1, 2016
George Watts, Laurie Blazek

Google’s CEO Larry Page proclaims innovation should be targeted at being at least 10 times better than anything on the market. As Page said, “If you’re not doing something crazy, then you’re doing the wrong things”. Innovation scholars range innovation along a continuum from “modest/incremental” at one end to “radical” (or crazy) at the other. The radical mindset clearly works for Google. We surely can admire extraordinary people – big thinkers with big ideas...

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The Power to Persuade

February 26, 2016
Dr. George Watts, Laurie Blazek

“How can a president not be an actor?” Ronald Reagan

From the above quote, we believe that Reagan intuitively understood that leadership is about influencing and persuading. Getting others to understand and buy into you and your point of view is, at least in part, acting or improvisation. Whether you are the President of the United States, a salesperson, lawyer, teacher or a parent, you are routinely attempting to persuade or influence others.

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Being both Present and Future Oriented

February 24, 2016
Dr. George Watts, Laurie Blazek

Are you present or future oriented? Have you ever even thought about it?

Are you able to concentrate fully on what is going on around you? Do you subordinate your ego and focus your attention entirely on what is taking place now, in the current moment? If this sounds like you, you are likely present oriented. As a result, you might find yourself stuck ...

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Creating A “Sales Driven”

February 19, 2016
Dr. George Watts, Laurie Blazek

CEOs and senior executives often share with us their sincere desire to lead a “sales driven” enterprise. But here is the catch; most senior executives don’t know themselves or understand the significant impact their personality and leadership style have on influencing corporate culture. The culture of any organization is driven from the top down...

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How We Really Learn

February 12, 2016
Dr. George Watts, Laurie Blazek

Think back to a time that you set a goal for yourself. You set out to improve personallyor professionally by taking an on-line or live course. You attempted to learn to play an instrument, train for a race or other sporting event, learn a foreign language or develop better patterns of eating, sleeping or exercising. How did it work out? ...

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The Transformative “Aha”

February 5, 2016
Dr. George Watts, Laurie Blazek

What does it mean to be of strategic value to a client and to create a transformative “Aha” moment? This is precisely what we coach revenue-generating professionals to do through our training program, Top Line Talent. To truly understand how and why the “Aha” transforms relationships, we have to start by looking at recent brain science.

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What is "Self-Confidence"?

January 28, 2016
Dr. George Watts, Laurie Blazek

You have probably heard the phrase "Know thyself". This is an ancient Delphic maxim that was supposedly carved into Apollo's temple at Delphi. Fast-forward 2,700 years. The concept of knowing thyself is actually validated by science with the identification of emotional intelligence as the main factor that predicts life success...

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The Need for Power

January 18, 2016
Dr. George Watts, Laurie Blazek

Have you ever worked for someone you would describe as having a "need for power"? Unfortunately, most of us have at some point in our career.

So, what is behind this ego driven need? And, if this person is your manager, what can you do about it?

First, it is important to understand where the ego need for power stems from. The need for power is healthy when...

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Are you Stagnating?

January 10, 2016
Dr. George Watts

The eight stages of psychosocial development is a model advanced by psychologist Erik Erikson. “Generativity” versus “Stagnation” is the seventh stage of his theory. This seventh stage occurs during middle adulthood, age 40 – 65. Generativity is defined by making your mark on the world through career; children or creating something that will outlast your lifetime. Stagnation is the failure to find your path forward. You don’t feel that you’ve contributed and feel unproductive and uninvolved.

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Putin’s Own Worst Enemy

January 6, 2016
Dr. George Watts

Putin literally doesn’t know what to do about this downed Malaysian airliner that crashed into Ukraine. That’s why he is hiding out, issuing statements not taking questions, and hoping against hope that this tragedy blows over without him taking too much shrapnel. Even Andrea Merkel, arguably the most important European ally of Russia, has had it. She isn’t on “speaking terms” with Putin negating years of effort. Putin really is being isolated. But his biggest problem? Quite literally his own personality.

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